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Do I need to give Vroom Groom access to power or water?

We have the ability to bring our own water and power source, but most of the time our customers are happy to let us hook up to water and power onsite.

Does Vroom Groom need to detail in a garage/carport?

Mostly, no. A vehicle treated with a ceramic coating must be cured in an enclosed space for 24-48 hours. Other services may be performed outside, but results may be better if the vehicle is out of direct sunlight during the detailing.

Do I need to be present during the detailing?

You must be present at the beginning and end of service, but the time in between is yours. Prior to beginning the detailing, Vroom Groom will do a short consultation about your main concerns and then will need access to your keys. After the service, we will perform a walk-through to make sure your needs have been met and then payment will be accepted if it was not already given online.


Most customers do not stay while Vroom Groom is working on their vehicle, but if you would like to learn about the detailing process, we would love to answer questions! We ask that you would observe from a position that doesn’t prevent the work from being done efficiently.
What if the weather is bad?

In order to protect the safety of our staff and the state of your vehicle, our policy will be to halt the detailing service if lightning, extremely heavy rain, tornado warnings, or other dangerous weather conditions are present. We will reschedule with you and restart the detailing at your convenience at no extra charge. If we are able to perform the services in an enclosed garage, we will be able to continue detailing as normal.

If it begins to rain while we are working on your vehicle, we might need to discuss other options for your detailing service. If you are not present when rain begins, we will contact you via phone to decide what would be best for you and your vehicle.
Does Vroom Groom perform detailing services for businesses?

Yes! We would love to begin business with you. Please contact us to set up detailing services/packages for your business.

How do I get on a maintenance program?

In order for clients to be eligable for our maintenance program, they will need to purchase a full detail package.  This is a package where both the exterior and interior of the vehicle have been taken care of by Vroom Groom Mobile Detailing.